Enigma at Palazzo Versace Dubai to change its dining concept and world-class chefs four times a year


Enigma at Palazzo Versace Dubai, an avant-garde new restaurant opening on 10th January 2016, has announced it will be the first restaurant to change its dining concept and world-class chefs four times a year, and will take discerning diners and gastronomists on an unexpected multi-sensory journey.

As the name indicates, Enigma will keep guests guessing the next chapter in its collection – including the menu that will remain confidential. The restaurant will allow guests to pre-book their seats in advance through www.enigmadxb.com, just as you would for a performance, fundamentally reinventing the way restaurants take reservations. With a ticket to dine, Enigma disrupts the conventional reservation system by applying dynamic pricing.

The first of Enigma’s culinary masters is one of the world’s most radical avant-garde chefs, Quique Dacosta, whose eponymous restaurant in Spain holds an impressive three Michelin stars and is included in the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants by Restaurant Magazine’s list. With a gastronomic imagination and a desire to live life to the fullest through his food, Quique is committed to carefully creating masterpieces by manipulating style and substance in harmony.

“It is incredible to bring my cuisine to other parts of the world. I’m thrilled to make my mark in Dubai under Palazzo Versace and I hope that diners enjoy Enigma and my culinary selection, which has deep Mediterranean roots and avant-garde influences, as much as I will enjoy the experience,” said Quique Dacosta.

Dinner prices (excluding beverages) will be available on the website. Grape-based beverages will be carefully selected and paired with each course by the sommelier on request.

“Enigma was conceptualised to emulate the very nature of our current lifestyle; fast paced, versatile and dynamic. Always innovating, evolving and creating anticipation. We want Enigma to be an exceptional dining experience people crave and yearn to keep up with, just like other highly desired commodities,” said Patrick Robineau, Hotel Manager, Palazzo Versace.

“Additionally, the chefs selected are among the 50 best in the world, who have the culinary and creative prowess to reflect the Enigma persona and spirit, and deliver our vision. Enigma is a blank canvas for these talented chefs to paint their stories – give their souls through food. Together with the team, I am beyond excited to see Enigma come to life,” Robineau added.

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