Mojoe mobile coffee maker


MoJoe Brewing Co.’s patented VacDrip brewing system within the Mojoe mobile coffee maker borrows concepts from vacuum and traditional drip brewing. Designed to brew with any type of coffee grounds, users can pre-load their own coffee, sugar, and creamer into the Mojoe until they are ready to brew. The Mojoe is powered via a 12V car adapter, wall adapter, or rechargeable battery, and reaches temperatures up to 200 degrees F to brew a cup of coffee. The Mojoe also brews tea (loose, bagged, or infused), as well as hot chocolate and other instants.

Features of the Mojoe portable coffee brewer include one-button start/stop function; separate single-serve reservoirs; safe-start and stop function; power/charge via battery, car charger, or wall outlet; detachable power/charging accessories; separate single-use water and coffee reservoirs; disposable & reusable filters; non-slip rubber silicone grip; and LED notifications.

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