Macaccino organic roasted maca beverage


Science of Living (SOL) Natural Foods, an organic food and beverage company, has announced their Macaccino, the world’s first and only organic roasted maca beverage. SOL’s Macaccino blends are made in the USA from a hand­roasted mix of maca root and other organic ingredients, and have a flavor reminiscent of a blend of coffee and dark chocolate.

Maca root, the superfood key ingredient in Macaccino, has been reported to naturally increase energy, mood, immunity, and libido. It has long been used as a weight-lifting supplement for athletes, as a holistic health aid in South America, and as a healthy part of every night’s dinner for residents in Peru. Using sustainably-sourced, hand-roasted maca root, Macaccino is an all-natural coffee and energy drink alternative that uses dense nutritional value to out-perform caffeine.

Macaccino can be served hot or cold over ice and is perfect for active and busy lifestyles. SOL Natural Foods offers three distinct Macaccino flavors: Original Maca Blend, Magical Mint, and Black Maca Reserve.

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